Who’s Alicia?

For many people from Portugal or UK maybe she is Bernardo Silva’s girlfriend, a famous portuguese football player of Manchester City ( UK Premier League ), but for us and who knows her well, after spending two days in la Costa Brava enjoying taking pictures…she is not simply a WAG,  is Alicia Verrando, an smart&lovely young girl that adore photography, friends, travel, good food, enjoy life and funny moments…like all young people, certainly, and that we love to capture with our cameras, eyes and hearts.

This was the agreement, yes : take some pictures being a model for one day ( or two ). We shot two sessions, one more private for her, that she has the option to share or not in her social media or for personal use ( @aliciaverrando ) an other session more publicly whith the collaboration of other professionals of bridal world ( in this case ) like the amazing people of Immaclé Novias ( thanks Imma and Jess ), Flowers by Bornay or Theresa Snowball Hair&make-up Artist. In the same Costa Brava scenery, we had the great collaboration, too, of Hotel Far de Sant Sebastià, incredible & historic place that well deserve always a visit to stay or simply eat at their panoramic restaurant.

This kind of photo «divertimento» sessions is managed like a part of the luxury concierge services of Valtueña Events, leaded for Angela Valtueña in UK.

Yes!! Thanks for your trust!!! We want more sessions like this one, ha,ha,!!!!

Here a very few pictures of the Immaclé session, that we can see how this shy girl become a powerful woman in front our camera with the selection of nice dresses or fabric the she chose.

Thanks, Alicia, we love you!!

Pictures by Natan & Esther

Images by Natan & Esther

Luxury concierge services of Valtueña Events

Bridal Dresses : Immaclé Novias

Hair & Make Up Artist : Theresa Snowball 

Bouquet : Flowers by Bornay , Barcelona

Location : Hotel Far de Sant Sebastià

Thanks to Casanova Foto , Profoto

Cameras used : Fujifilm GFX50S and Fuji Xpro2




Thank you Natan for your words and your amazing work! I loved working with you and Esther, you make a lovely duo, and the result is just wow! Thank you for also giving me the chance to discover the incredible Costa Brava, where we had two days of hard work, but it was worth it!
Muchas gracias xx