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Our first Destination Wedding of 2015, a lovely wedding in Parga ( Preveza ), in Greece. I hope you enjoy of this story, the love story of Alexander & Alexandra.

They are a lovely and cool couple, always smiling, happy, with sweet tenderness, yeah!! our ideal kind of couples!!!

Their wedding was amazing, one of most emotive and interesting that I covered ever. They chose the so cute village of Parga, in incredible region of Preveza, in Greece. The little orthodox church in a little island just front Parga, wonderful and unique! And after a short catholic ceremony from the cristal clear water in Lichnos Beach, just before sunset, unforgettable!!

The reception was in the exceptional Hotel Lichnos Beach, the first reception there…because just opened the day before the wedding!!!

A lot of dance ( sirtaki of course ), fireworks and chinese lanterns, a great evening.

Alexandra ( fashion photographer from Berlin ) contacted to us more than one year ago, and from the first moment she had very clear why loves our work & style : she loves our  combination of naturality, fresh, well timed and spontaneous pictures with at the same time the timeless elegance of our cinematographic inspired style. They wanted to capture all emotions and good moments without lose the fashion style on the road. Because their work, she knows very well how difficult is achieve this balance. Thanks, Alex & Alex for your trust!!

In this ocasion I traveled alone, but I had the opportunity to shoot a lot of interesting pictures, let me show to you only a selection. I hope you like it!

Thanks for appreciate our work. Stay tuned for more incredible weddings this year!!

All pictures by Natan Sans



Seeing the pictures over and over again, I still can’t believe, how lucky we are, to have had Natan there with us, who captured every little second and every precious moment for us. I remember, that I looked through the portfolios of hundrets of photographers from all over the world, because the wedding pictures, for me, as I am a photographer myself, were like THE most importent thing, of course. So finding the right person to do it, was very difficult for me. I had to make sure, I can trust him completely with that, and after finding Natan, I am more than happy and sure, I made the right decision. Not only is he exeptionally talented and excellent, he also is there, when the right moment is there to be captured. The reportage is high class and really extraordinary. I love how he succeeds to choose such creative and artistic points of view, even in such a very short time like a special moment, that is gone in seconds. That is, what makes the difference! And the colors!!!!
Last but not least, I must emphasize, what a wonderful, warm hearted and kind person Natan is. We didn’t feel, like there is a person, doing his job, it was more like a friend and a part of our wedding folks, who follows us with the greatest passion for his work. We harmonized very well and that is very easy with Natan, because he is so very kind and funny. With that base, the wedding pictures turned out perfect and just the way we wished for. Looking through them, even after years, beams me back in time and gives me back all the impressions and feelings right before my eyes.
Dear Natan, you made us so happy so THANK YOU for those unique memories. Keep up the great work, I follow every new story with excitment.
Xoxo, Alex & Alex

Great Work, loving pictures, i read all the comments and love the feels that the bride sister tells us, u have to be a great photographer

Hermoso trabajo Natan!

Increible, maravilloso reportaje, increibles novios y una locación alucinante. Felicidades, me ha encantado no, lo siguiente!

Maravillosa historia Natan!!! No sobra ni una sola foto de este post! Fresco, elegante y lleno de vida!! Me encantó!

Fabuloso trabajo, la fuerza del color es impactante, una calidad de luz tremenda. Una Boda de ensueño.

Natán, como siempre ME ENCANTA la espontaneidad de tus tomas y el intenso colorido. eres un crack. Me alegra que empieces tan bien la temporada.
Esperaré con ansias tus próximos trabajos.

Excelente !! EXCELENTE !!! Bello Reportaje e Imágenes !! FELICITACIONES !!!!

Dear Natan,

You are -without a doubt- the best! Most empathic, most involved, most passionate, most friendly, most everything Photographer my Sister could have ever wished for…:D… I am so happy you were part of our Journey, most of these Photos are really iconic and capture the moment and day perfectly… Thank you, man! Money cannot do your work justice…:)…


Excelente reportaje!
Se siente todo el perfume de las islas griegas.
Una boda realmente maravillosa!

Una historia perfectamente documentada,fresca, natural con el aderezo de unas preciosas fotos. Genial¡¡ compañero

congrats for the amazing wedding! nice location!!!

Me encanta ! Una pasada Natan.

Qué nivel!
Awesome, as usual

Amazing post!! 😉 Felicidades!!!!

Que padres fotos! Muy storytelling 🙂

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