China Wedding Photographer, Guilin

A China Wedding!!! Yeah!!! And in a wonderful place of the real China like Yangshuo, Guilin.???❤️

The location maybe amazing but , like always, is the people who makes a place really memorable.

In this case Elina & Aaron, a couple with endless energy , after their traditional wedding in Hong Kong organised 2 days crazy celebration in Yangshuo and surroundings for their most beloved family and friends. Specially spectacular was the big party 2nd day in the luxurious Alila Hotel in front of Lijiang River.

A fabulous photographer specialized in Asian weddings and my best friend, too, Don Bringas  asked to me if I want join with him in this chinese adventure, Yeahh!!! of course!!! my first time in Asia!!! Loved the idea!!!

We work very well together covering all points of view that you can imagine, and in this wedding in China I added my large experience with different cameras, optics and lighting to give to his clients more variety, complementing Don’s amazing work. Thanks , buddy, for the invitation to help you as second shooting!!



Technically, in this wedding I enjoyed using some toys, 😉 :

I tested the awesome ultraangular Fujinon XF 8-16/2.8 R LM WR, is a dreaming lens, really, ultra sharp from the widest aperture, and with a perfect optical performance. Of course, for my personal style and challenge to make well composed angular & vertical images this lens is a total «tour de force», and I loved the result.

Another «toy» used at this time is the new powerful and portable flash Profoto B10. Curiously we used a lot the continous light, because you can adjust not only the power, the color temperature, too, was a perfect tool to help us when the ambient light is very, very low.

Another tool/toy that I used in other ocasions and specially in this wedding, is the TiltShift lens Canon 45 2.8 TS in combination with the outstanding Fuji GFX50X ( Fuji Film medium format camera that I’m official tester and world ambassador ).

Of course I tried to use it selectively, not simply like a trick…to give a dream look, or try to apply the scheimpflug principle to have focus in different planes, impossible to achieve with usual lenses, like the picture with the fisherman, the couple, and a nervous cormorant framing them with the wings…I only had less of a minute to shot this picture and is the only one that all fit perfectly ( focus plane, framing, artificial and ambient light, moment… )  from more than 20 shots, ? ? is this kind of stress that I love!!!!

Edited in Capture One Pro , for me the best tool to manage RAFs files from FujiFilm cameras.

I hope you enjoy of this selection.

Stay tuned to the next adventures!!


All images of this post by : Natan Sans

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Other vendors :

Wedding planning and decor by: The Wedding Atelier .

Venue: Alila Yangshuo & XY Yunhouse.

Videography: Gione da Silva 


Boom boom shakalakalaka boom boom!!!! I really enjoyed working and being with you my friend!!! You are the best… of course always after my awesome wife Helen Lol!!hugs